January 25, 2023

We’ve recently launched our new online community – a dynamic, supportive, platform for like-minded Grant Management professionals who all use Flexigrant and share a passion for grant-giving.

To help you understand why you should join the Flexigrant community, we wanted to give you a little bit of background into our aims for it and what you can expect to gain from becoming a member.

What is Community?

You hear the word community a lot online these days – but what does it mean?

At Fluent, we firmly believe that our community offers grants professionals the opportunity for peer to peer collaboration, and learning, through the exchange of knowledge and ideas.

When you the join the Flexigrant community, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to Flexigrant information, guidance, and events.
  • Ongoing opportunities to network with other Grant Management professionals.
  • The chance to discover how other organisations use Flexigrant and solve some of the challenges you might be facing in your grant-giving.

The journey so far 

As with nearly all social interactions, face to face time with our customers came to a grinding halt during the pandemic. However, this presented us with the opportunity to look again at how we could better serve our customers.

One major part of this initiative was to launch our Flexigrant Customer Community portal.

The Community is an extension of our Customer Success Team, who are primarily responsible for providing ongoing support and relationship management after implementation.

According to Aberdeen Research, via Higher Logic, firms with online communities enjoy 5.4x greater annual increase in customer satisfaction rates.

With that in mind, the role of our Community is a vital part of ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is critical as our main focus is to build long-term relationships with our customers and ensure you leverage the most out of Flexigrant now and in the future.

To help us on our journey, we researched several market leading community- focused platforms, designed an MVP to test our theories, completed lots of research, and studied Community best practice.

We did all of this to make sure we could put our best foot forward while building a Community that truly helps our customers and helps support Flexigrant.

However, this research and strategising is no replacement for getting the Community out there in the hands of our users.

So, as part of a phased rollout we have been inviting members to the community and will continue to do so as we onboard new customers.

If you haven’t had your invite yet, get in touch.

Our Community Mission? 

We have a clear mission to help our Customers help themselves by providing unlimited access to Flexigrant help guides, documentation, recommendations and webinars while also providing a platform that encourages networking with other grant professionals.

The community is exclusively for Flexigrant users, and once you’ve been implemented you can expect to receive an invitation to become a member of the Community.

Along with accessing Flexigrant help guides, documentation and webinars, we will also be using the community to promote our approach to best practice and we actively look for Flexigrant advocates and Community enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experience in this relation to this initiative. If you feel that’s you, please don’t be shy in stepping forward and letting us know.

What’s inside

The Flexigrant Community is made up of spaces. We have our Community spaces where you can post questions on anything Grant Management related and share resources, as you may have some top-tips that makes your day to day more productive that you feel other grant giving professionals could benefit from.

We host events, where we can share useful Flexigrant insights and product knowledge. We encourage our Community members to take part, you don’t always need to be the attendee, you can host a session, share some insights, or be in the hot seat for an ask me anything session to peers. If that’s not for you, then that’s not a problem, we run our events with the aim that all members find them valuable.

Additionally, we are building a robust library space, with an ever-growing repository of documentation, video library and playbook spaces to help our members grow their product knowledge and we will be adding to these regularly.

What’s to come 

Looking ahead, we are planning to add to our Community spaces with exciting items such as our Product Road MapProfessional Services and Advisory boards.

We are also planning several events and activities to take place throughout the year ahead and will post further details in due course. So, watch this space.

Get in touch

If you would like to hear more about our Flexigrant Community, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly community@fluenttechnology.com

Should you come across any intriguing content within our blogs section, we encourage you to reach out to us.