Meet the Team

Guiding our journey forward

Welcome to our “Meet the Team” page! Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is the driving force behind our innovation and success. Each member brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the grant management sector. 

Our SLT is dedicated to fostering a culture of excellence, guiding our strategic vision, and delivering unparalleled value to our clients. With their expertise and commitment, we continue to empower our customers to achieve their goals. 

Get to know the leaders who are steering Fluent Technology towards a brighter future.

Alexander Thomson

Managing Director

Alexander's leadership brings operational excellence, vision, and strategic direction to Fluent. With a track record of driving organisational transformation, he has propelled Fluent into a dynamic, agile growth phase. Alexander sets high standards and embodies the company's values. Aiming for Fluent to lead in agility, innovation, and world-class software, he prioritises a customer-centric culture, recognising that customers are the business's lifeblood.

Zak Baba

Director of Technology

With extensive experience in Digital and Technical leadership, Zak has successfully built and developed high-performing agile digital teams across various sectors including education, charity, health, and e-commerce. At Fluent, he is dedicated to embedding an agile, customer-first ethos to drive the success of our digital products and services. Zak's vision is to create a customer-focused, innovative, and roadmap-driven department with a strong delivery-oriented approach.

Michael Turkington

Product Manager

With over 8 years at Fluent Technology Ltd, Michael began as an implementation consultant, playing a key role in deploying Flexigrant for clients. Now as the Product Owner of Flexigrant, he defines our product strategy by aligning client needs with the latest trends in grant management, driving continuous improvement and innovation. His vision is to ensure the development team consistently delivers exciting updates, enhancing Flexigrant's value and effectiveness for users.

Gary McNally

Head of Business Services

With over 22 years in grant management, Gary delivers tailored solutions and exceptional support through evolving Flexigrant improvements. A proactive Senior Leadership Team member, he fosters long-term client partnerships and maintains our customer-focused reputation. Dedicated to CSR, Gary co-founded PicStory Belfast, capturing street portraits and narratives to foster emotional healing and empowerment. His extensive experience ensures informed decisions about Flexigrant's functionality and service levels.

Gareth Hillen

Product Team Lead

Gareth has a background in both customer success and software engineering and currently leads the Engineering team at Fluent. He contributes to the company's strategic direction by driving rapid, agile development and secure software delivery, ensuring alignment with our customer-focused product roadmap. His vision is to innovate and develop premium software solutions that empower customers to address global challenges effectively, aligning with Fluent’s overall mission.

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