Simplicity | Consistency | Diligence

Flexigrant enables the sharing of information with other systems – such as Finance, your CRM system, custom Management Information Systems, and even your website – ensuring that you can rely on a comprehensive, robust, and capable grant management platform for the future.

Our Data, Finance, CRM, and SSO Integrations allow Flexigrant to integrate seamlessly with countless tools and platforms; all major systems are catered for; giving you all-round agility, flexibility, and capability in meeting your grants process requirements. 

Connected-data workflows

The value of integration through APIs comes from there being a single source of data for any system or application involved in or touched by your grants process. No need to search again for information you may already have used multiple times.

Connected workflows are about connected data from which comes confidence. As your visibility expands and improves, so too will your expertise. More focus and less tedium hitherto involved in finding out what information sits where.

Streamline grant management with our powerful software