What Does Customer Success Look Like for a Grant Funder?  

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September 6, 2023

In grant funding, ensuring customer success goes beyond the simple act of providing technical support. It involves building strong relationships and creating a supportive ecosystem overall.  

From implementation to account management to our insights tool, we have a broad array of approaches for ensuring our clients get the most from our system so they can focus on delivering on their mission. Read on to learn more about what customer success means for us at Fluent Technology.   

Account Management 

Account management is at the core of customer success at Fluent Technology. We provide dedicated support to our customers, involving regular check-ins, and service from account managers that understand the unique needs of each customer.  

Implementation and Post-Implementation Support 

Our implementation process spans 3 months as standard, but when our customers need to be up and running sooner, we adapt.   

The 3 month process includes a detailed discovery and planning stage where we learn about your existing grant management process and corresponding requirements. From there, we identify how Flexigrant should be configured to suit your needs and produce a detailed project plan.   

Throughout the configuration, we conduct user acceptance testing on different parts of Flexigrant with key members of your team and use their feedback to make further changes. We also conduct weekly reviews and provide progress reports.  

Support is available throughout via our dedicated implementation consultant.  

We also provide post-implementation training so your staff can quickly get to grips with the new system. The training takes place across seven interactive sessions.  

Online Grant Management Community 

Our Flexigrant Community is a fantastic source of both professional and peer-to-peer support. It provides the opportunity to network with other grant management professionals. 

Community members can access monthly webinars, documentation and videos, as well as stay informed on the latest developments, such as new feature releases, via our monthly newsletter. 

Ultimately, the community helps you get the most out of Flexigrant so that you can always improve your processes and deliver the best experience for applicants, staff and awardees.   

The community is a great place to give us any feedback you have about the platform, which helps us to always deliver the highest standard of software.  

Based in the UK 

We serve customers across the world – however, we are UK-centric in terms of our infrastructure and support services. Customers can interact with skilled representatives who understand the local market and therefore receive effective support and prompt resolutions to any queries.  

In addition, the UK’s modern cloud infrastructure plays a pivotal role in delivering top-notch software to our customers.   

Our solutions are hosted with Microsoft Azure in London, and this robust infrastructure ensures our customers can access high-performing software, guaranteeing a superior and seamless experience for all users. With Azure, Flexigrant is guaranteed to have between 99.95% to 99.995% up time, and full backups are carried out daily. Failover support brings added peace of mind.  

Technical Support  

Our UK-based Success and Support specialists are contactable from 9-5 Monday to Friday. In addition, our helpdesk team is well-versed in providing technical support with fast response times. Should any issues arise, our specialists swiftly investigate and resolve the problems, minimising disruptions to customer operations.  

Data-Driven Insights 

Using the right tools, grant managers can gain comprehensive visibility into the performance and impact of their programmes – in real-time. They can track diverse data sets, including application responses, workflow processes, and more.  

To give a concrete example, grant managers may review data on funding allocation, which helps them to gain a fresh perspective on grant objectives and uncover hidden opportunities.  

By analysing data and uncovering patterns, grant managers can make informed decisions.  

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion  

EDI is the approach of incorporating both fairness and inclusivity into your grant schemes. It welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to access your schemes with an equal opportunity, helping to enrich your applicant pool overall.  

We know that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion isn’t just a checkbox, and we have embraced this approach with our new EDI feature, giving you the capabilities to customise EDI forms, include multiple question types in your form, make changes to the form with ease and capture EDI data from all users. 

As such, we help our customers ensure fair access to funding opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds, regions, and underrepresented groups, leading to a more equitable distribution of resources.   

In Summary 

Providing customer success for grant managers extends far beyond technical support. At Fluent Technology, we support customers in reaching their mission from the very beginning of their interaction with us through to post-implementation.  

Our in-depth discovery phase ensures we understand our customers’ requirements. Our implementation consultant offers support throughout the configuration. From there, we provide post-implementation training through interactive sessions and ongoing personalised support through account management.  

Other aspects of Customer Success include our online grant management community, which offers grants professionals the opportunity for peer-to-peer collaboration and learning through the exchange of knowledge and ideas. A wealth of resources are available through the community and it’s the best way to stay up to date with all the latest news and updates.   

Being based in the UK, we use state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and offer maximum uptime as a result. We ensure EDI through customisable forms, and our insights tool paves the way for continuous improvement.   

To see for yourself how the UK’s most prominent funders are benefiting from Flexigrant, contact us today to book a demo.  

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