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From world-renowned academies like The Royal Society, who manage millions in funding, to local charities who transform lives with emergency grants, our clients work better with Flexi-Grant®.

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“Flexi-Grant® has been a godsend! The number of applications we receive has increased quite considerably over the last couple of years. Flexi-Grant® offers a highly adaptable application creation tool and grant processing system that has allowed us to maintain our crucial fast response time despite this increase.

Customer service is fantastic, the team are very quick at responding to any queries and will stay by your side until the issue has been resolved.”

Martin Cobb, Vicar’s Relief Fund Co-ordinator

“The Flexi-Grant® Ideas Portal is a really good tool, it’s a great opportunity to have our say on new features. It’s great to see the success rate of ideas right in front of you, you can instantly view which features have gone live or are currently being developed.”

Eileen Kinghan, Grants Services Manager

Lloyd’s Register Foundation

As soon as I saw Flexi-Grant® I thought it was great! I’ve used grant management systems before that were just for application & workflow management, so when I saw all the features in Flexi-Grant® – the email tool, the multiple review rounds, how you can give people different roles – I knew this was a game-changer. I have been telling everyone who asks how great it is!”

Dominika Panzer, Grants Manager

MQ Transforming Mental Health

“Flexi-Grant® is an intuitive comprehensive system, backed up by a fantastic support team. I always look forward to working with the team to continue developing our grant programmes and utilise all of the new functionalities of Flexi-Grant®.”

Francesca Ferro, Head of Grants

Imperial Health Charity

“Fluent continue to support our organisation with the management and development of Big Local Community, our grant management system. Their friendly and approachable team are always on hand to help when we need them, and work hard to understand our needs.”

Nicola Birch-Wilson, Programme Co-ordinator

Local Trust | Big Local

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