Are You Ready for Greater Levels of Operational Excellence in Your Grant Management Process? 

November 30, 2023

According to research by the Standish Group, only 20% of software features are used often, 30% are used sometimes or infrequently, and 50% are hardly ever or never used. Other sources state higher figures when it comes to unused features such as Pendo, whose research shows that 80% of features in the average software product are rarely or never used. 

That doesn’t mean those features aren’t useful – it may simply be that users aren’t fully aware of them or how to use them effectively. On the other hand, your processes may have changed and users may not know about features that can assist with new procedures.  

So, is your organisation harnessing the full capabilities of Flexigrant? If you still rely on configurations from several years ago, it might be time to reassess and identify present-day challenges. We’re committed to continually improving our software, so there’s a high probability that recently added features could address your current challenges and streamline your grant management tasks.

The good news? We provide a configuration review for Flexigrant customers – free of charge! We know the software inside out and have configured it for more than 100 clients over the years, so we’re ready to find out how you could be getting more from it. 

What is a Configuration Review? 

When you opt for a Configuration Review, a seasoned member of our implementation team collaborates directly with your super user(s). Here’s what’s involved: 

  • A comprehensive audit of your existing software setup: Here, we’ll gauge the features you’re currently using, evaluate their alignment with available tools and workflow stages, and discern their effectiveness in supporting your processes. 
  • A review of your current challenges: Here, we’ll determine if there’s a training gap that is preventing you from managing the system independently.  
  • Summary with recommendations: Post-review, you’ll receive a detailed report summarising our insights and suggesting enhancements to remedy identified issues. You may then choose to implement these internally or with the help of a Flexigrant consultant.

Why Do You Need a Configuration Review? 

Maximise ROI

Understanding the nuances of how your team engages with the software and making adjustments to the configuration brings optimised returns, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits of your grant management system.

In addition, aligning software capabilities with organisational needs ensures that resources are used more efficiently, promoting cost-saving.

Process Improvement

Our goal is to help you refine, standardise and simplify your current methods, and to fully integrate your workflow into the system. A review can: 

  • Uncover redundant processes that can be eliminated.
  • Ensure your grant management processes are managed through Flexigrant
  • Ensure that you’re making the most of Flexigrant’s extensive features.
  • Ensure that your software usage adapts alongside your changing needs. 
  • Ensure that the software meets users’ current needs, leading to higher satisfaction and productivity among employees.

Risk Management

A configuration review helps ensure you’re using all the tools at your disposal that will make compliance easier, and this is especially important for industries with strict regulations. 

We can help you leverage the system’s permission and authorisation controls to shield your organisation from undue risks, and ensure your grant management endeavours are always secure and compliant. 

Independent Ownership

It’s crucial to ascertain users’ ability to autonomously navigate and refine the system as per their daily requirements. Fostering a sense of independent ownership in this regard empowers users with the knowledge to navigate, adapt, and optimise the software in accordance with their specific needs. 

The benefits of promoting this sense of autonomy is twofold; firstly, it reduces the strain on departments, and second, it fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement. 

A configuration review can also pinpoint areas where users might be struggling or not using the software to its full potential, highlighting areas that require further training.

How Does Flexigrant Improve Grant Management Processes? 

As mentioned, Flexigrant has a wealth of tools to streamline grant management. Below are a few areas to consider that you may not be using to their full capacity. 

Data Visualisation 

We recently talked about the importance of data visualisation in grant management. To recap, data visualisation saves time by presenting data in a quick-to-interpret format, which leads to reduced cognitive overload, faster decision-making and greater productivity. It also improves communication, as all parties have access to a single source of truth, viewable in an intuitive format. 

This year, we introduced a new data visualisation campaign insight tool, providing oversight for funding allocation, application and impact metrics, financial data and more. 

Reporting Features

You have many reporting options with Flexigrant reducing the time needed to aggregate and monitor metrics needed for various purposes. There are also bulk processing tools that can schedule the generation of reports. 


Are you aware of the integration capabilities of Flexigrant? We can connect your grant management system with a range of other tools, including: 

  • Finance tools: Our finance API provides integration with your finance system.
  • Specialist integrations: Flexigrant can also integrate with specialist research focused tools such as ORCiD etc.
  • Awards Data API: This API connects the system with external platforms that help you to extract the most value from your data.  


All organisational processes require periodic introspection and recalibration. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to dedicate your resources to uplifting the sectors and communities you are passionate about – and that’s why we offer a Configuration Review to our customers at no extra cost. 

With more than 10 years of feature development under our belts, there’s likely to be hidden potential waiting to be unlocked. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to arrange your Configuration Review and look forward to the highest levels of grant management efficiency. 

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