Weaving the golden thread of data, with Flexigrant

Enrich the value of data, the depth of your workflows by finding the right solution

Offering a range of data services and more; including migration, replication, insights dashboard, and single sign-on (SSO).

Data Migration

Data Replication


Insight Tool

Managing data

Ensure quality: it is critical that your data is reliable and accurate

Ensure integrity: data must be complete, consistent and in context; whilst being professionally and competently managed.

It should be harnessed within one system, to avoid duplication (and the associated confusion and time-wasting), to reduce errors, to provide robust and timely information, and to ensure robust audit trails. Flexigrant specialists offer a number of services essential in managing data confidently: Data Migration, and Data Replication.

Leveraging data

Flexigrant provides one version of the truth, stored and harnessed in a secure system. This allows accessibility / exportability of the data for further analysis, insights, and exploitation for myriad uses:

• Financial budgeting
• Forecasting
• Assurance
• Monitoring and evaluation to measure the outcomes of the funding
• Identifying trends, patterns and insights that enable you to make informed strategic decisions on your grant programmes.

Flexigrant’s Insights Tool will connect you and your teams to the heart of key issues, at scale.

Data Migration Services

Our six-step migration process

Analyse data

Compare to Flexigrant data repository

Collate data into import templates

Run test migration

Review and adapt to test findings

Execute data migration

Getting in Shape

Before your data can be imported to Flexigrant it needs to be reviewed to ensure data quality and integrity. Getting your data into the best shape possible prior to migration prevents duplicated, incomplete or unnecessary data being imported. Once you have undertaken this process, your data is placed into the Flexigrant import templates and imported into your Flexigrant solution.

Better together: Data Migration Workshop

Given that data migration is a fundamental building block in ensuring the success of your Flexigrant deployment, the best approach is for your team to work together with us to achieve clear and sharedgoals. To this end we conduct a data migration workshop to review your requirements and guide you through the data migration process.

Flexigrant and all processes pertaining to it, together with our own policies regarding sensitive information and the confidentiality of corporate and client information are all GDPR-compliant. We take very seriously the need for Information Security and we have implemented systems and processes which are aligned with ISO27001 to define the way that we manage it.


With our Data Replication Service (Enterprise Feature) you can make sure that your data is available in a single SQL database. The result is that reporting, automation of stages within a workflow, data warehousing and data lake activities become less complex. Sound data governance is assured.

Enriched data

Flexigrant data from the DRS can be blended with data from your finance system and other sources. You’ll be able to enrich the data by adding additional coding and classification not captured in Flexigrant, once it is in your portfolio database. Such data can be used to understand application success trends, grant portfolio health, impact of the research funded, and diversity and equality.

Enhanced financial understanding

Our DRS enables you to track commitments, expenditure, Grant Award Letter dates, reconciliation requirements and other administrative essentials.

The replicated data is updated every 24 hours, which allows you to interrogate the data as required and through any appropriate tool


Enrich the value of your data, the depth of your workflows, and the reliability of your connected processes

When Flexigrant is combined with our finance and data APIs, it becomes a holistic solution addressing all data-related needs for sharing, insights, and administration.
Our product services team will configure all grant management system integrations within the implementation process. They can also be configured post-implementation if you prefer.
Flexigrant can also be integrated with ORCID if required.

Finance API

Our Finance API connects Flexigrant with a range of the most commonly used finance management systems such as Sage, Oracle, Exchequer, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. It gives your finance team direct access to Flexigrant at those times when it can be critical to gain immediate insights into the status of payments processing; most pertinently end-of-month reconciliations. 


Good governance is essential when accessing application form data for additional views and powerful analysis such as may be afforded through your own CRM system or your own data insights (BI) tool. Reliability starts with ensuring a consistent, standard question structure for all your application forms. Our Data API ensures that, through any connected system, you work with one single version of the truth; extracting reliable data that can be posted in your organisational CRM or external webpages and search databases.

Insights tool

See more, see clearer, see further

Data, to many people, can often appear as indecipherable and interminable lists of text and numbers. Yet when data is interrogated using powerful data visualisation tools the insights it provides become apparent. What’s more, the insights become more easily actionable; making excel spreadsheets a thing of the past.
Our Insights Tool enables you to embrace data visualisation as an everyday aid to optimise the value of your data; at scale, in varying different formats.
You’ll be able to download raw data over multiple grant schemes, at a granular level, enabling you to:

Streamline grant management with our powerful software