Experience Before Commitment: Test Drive Flexigrant

Just as you wouldn't buy a car without trying it out, choosing the right Grant Management software demands first-hand experience.

While we offer personalised demos, we understand the power of direct exploration.That’s why we provide a special two-week trial. This isn’t a limited peek—it’s full access to our platform. During this trial, you can:

• Navigate our user-friendly interface.
• Test Features to streamline your grant management.
• Assess Compatibility with your current systems.
• Gather Feedback from your team.

With Flexigrant, ensure you’re equipped with a tool that truly understands your needs.

Test drive Flexigrant

Confidence is validated by experience. No-one would dream of buying a car without test driving it first. You can book a demo with us any time, but we also offer a two-week trial where you can directly access Flexigrant for a test drive.

Here’s a sneak peak at what is included:

Central Dashboard

Flexi-Grant’s central dashboard provides you with quick visual access to how your grants are doing.

Roles & Responsibilities​

Delegate access to authorised colleagues so you can control who sees what and where.

Question Bank

Our built in Question Bank so we don’t waste time creating the same question over and over again across multiple schemes.

Shortlisting Tool

Our intuitive shortlisting tool lets you shortlist, reserve, move applications on to the next round and roll-back applications.


Flexi-Grant’s built-in CRM lets you set up to-do’s, manage contacts and gives you visibility of past applications.


Flexi-Grant® comes with all the templates you need but also lets you create your own.

Streamline grant management with our powerful software