The standard Flexigrant Landing Page that your users and applicants arrive at is branded to Flexigrant. Many customers prefer this since they appreciate the reputation Flexigrant has for reliable and simple grants processes.

If you prefer, we can tailor the landing page to your organisation’s identity by applying a ‘skin’ to the existing design elements to personalise them. The Flexigrant portal then assumes the appearance of an extension of your own web pages — on brand, familiar with stakeholders, and reassuringly part of your own offerings. This service includes:


Incorporation of your logo


Using one primary colour from your corporate colour palette.


Adding your own messaging to the portal homepage.

Customer domain and email

The url for your Flexigrant solution will include the name Flexigrant. This can be changed, becoming effectively ‘white-labelled’ with your own nomenclature used forthe domain name. Similarly, your team’s email addresses can be customised.

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