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In addition to Flexigrant’s Core Features, a range of options are available for you to make Flexigrant exactly the tool you want it to be, for your organisation’s purpose.
As with any software, not every tool is relevant to every organisation. Sometimes the choice of options may seem overwhelming. To avoid this, and the potential barriers it presents to user adoption, we guide you through the functions that relate directly to the priority areas and target areas of improvement that we will have identified together in the discovery phase undertaken when we first discuss your goals and desired outcomes.

Premium Features

Premium Features offer customisation options, EDI information capture, and an insights tool enabling you to analyse trends and make informed decisions about your services and processes, and there’s more. From deeper reporting to detailed budget management, and from more extensive CRM clarity to a range of specific application settings, the choice is yours.

Committee Meeting and Workspace

  • Gather input from multiple committee/panel members to make funding decisions
  • Share application forms and associated reviews
  • Save time and effort by accessing applications securely in once central workspace


  • Configure a standard CV form for all applicants to use
  • Applicant’s CV is automatically associated with their grant applications
  • Saves applicants having to re-enter their CV each time they apply

Insight Tool

  • Gain meaningful insight into hidden patterns and trends, that can be used as evidence to support and influence key strategic decisions.
  • Readily accessible trend analysis and exploration in real-time.
  • Foster more end users to interact with grant data
  • Provide a window into automated reporting and contextualised data.

(Equality, Diversity, Inclusion)

  • Capture EDI data — anonymised and secure —aligned with GDPR standards
  • Analyse demographics and characteristics of your flexigrant users
  • Track and monitor targets relating to EDI

Budgeting Tools

  • Claims against budgets
  • Budget confirmation
  • Budget reprofiling

Award Management

  • Allow organisational approvers to accept grant award offers.
  • Provide organisations with a summary of awards and upcoming grant payments

Posts and Tenure

  • Capture details of any posts being supported by a grant application
  • Record details of the individuals filling the posts
  • Manage and update these details throughout the duration of the grant

Did you know that Flexigrant enables you to share information with other systems – such as Finance, your CRM system, custom Management Information Systems, and even your website? This single platform capability ensures a comprehensive, robust, and flexible grant management process for the future.

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