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Availability: What level of availability do you provide?

Microsoft Azure, Flexigrant’s cloud provider consistently provides 99.95% up time.

Community: How do I join the Flexigrant Community?

The Flexigrant Community portal is a private community exclusively for the use of Flexigrant clients. Once your Flexigrant implementation is completed you will receive an invitation to join the Flexigrant Community.

Data optimisation: What can I do with my data on Flexigrant?

Our Insights Tool provides you with the capability to visualise large volumes of your data in number of different formats, allowing you to perform deep-dive analysis to uncover trends and patterns.

Flexigrant’s query and export (Q&E) tool allows you to query your data using a number of standard exports (for example, applications and awards, and commitment reports) and export the raw data as an excel file for further analysis. The tool is structured as a ‘decision tree’, allowing you to specify which core data fields you wish to export, then customise and create and save a query you may use time and time again.

Implementation: How long does Flexigrant Implementation take?

Typically, Our implementation process spans 3 months as standard. The 3 months process includes a detailed discovery and planning stage where we learn about your existing grant management process and corresponding requirements. From there, we identify how Flexigrant should be configured to suit your needs and produce a detailed project plan.

Security: Is Flexigrant Secure?

Data security is essential. We use state of the art cloud infrastructure to support our highly-secure web application, alongside regular penetration testing and security-focused development practices. We are accredited to ISO 9001, and ISO 27001, and are Cyber Essentials Plus certified.

Cloud provider: What cloud platform is Flexigrant housed in?

Flexigrant is a multi-tenant cloud-based solution hosted on Microsoft Azure in the UK.

Compatibility/Integration: Is Flexigrant compatible with my Finance system?

Thanks to our robust integration technology – including our Finance API – Flexigrant can connect with any major finance system to process grant payments at scale.


Flexigrant is fully GDPR-compliant and you can see the details in our GDPR Compliance statement.


Our Finance API allows for the seamless flow of financial data from Flexigrant to your Finance System (and vice-versa).

Our Award API supports the flow of application and award data from Flexigrant to, for example, your organisational CRM.

Support: What support does Flexigrant offer and is it included in the price?

Our helpdesk operates between the hours of 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and access is included in your subscription fees. Our Customer Success team will also work with you to help you get the most out of Flexigrant long term, in which case there may be additional charges depending on where our shared journey takes us in achieving your goals.

Maintenance Releases: How often are they implemented?

Maintenance releases and system enhancements are regularly issued. They encompass bug and issue fixes, as well as enhanced features, as appropriate.

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