Connected-data workflows for Grant Management

Easy to use cloud-based software enriched by a peer-to-peer community

Embed structured and consistent practice into your workflows – with years of experience implementing hundreds of grant schemes we will constructively challenge your existing forms and processes to ensure they are fit for purpose. Ensure that every step is driven by applicant-first focus. Rely on robust governance, structured audit trails, and data-empowered insights.
Flexi-Grant's Core Features

Core Features

Flexigrant’s core functionality offers capabilities that do more than simplify the end-to-end grant management process — they allow you to free up your time to focus more on applicant capacity building and empowerment, rather than the minutiae of administration. Flexigrant does the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

Additional Flexigrant benefits

Using Flexigrant’s core features will enable you to use multiple data sources more efficiently than ever before and take out the complexity previously involved with so many tasks. You’ll take care of the entire grants management process from end to end.You may then wish to go deeper.

This is where Flexigrant’s Premium Features come in – offering additional capabilities across financial and payment management, application settings, reporting options, customisation elements and more.

Streamline grant management with our powerful software