Flexigrant Community

The Grant Management world meets here

The Flexigrant Community is a meeting place for grant management professionals. This is where we provide downloadable resources, videos, links to insightful webinars, and new developments on the Flexigrant platform as they unfold.

Above all, the Flexigrant Community offers a forum for grant management professionals to communicate with each other. Users log on to share ideas, participate in discussions, or seek advice from others in similar roles.

Flexigrant professional services brochures and updates
Flexigrant news and upcoming events
Open peer-to-peer discussion forum
Wide range of learning resources

We all learn together

We value the community and strive to provide valuable insights to our clients through their active involvement, which we believe can be enriched with dialogues between anybody facing grant management challenges, or having solved them, or simply wishing to share their experience.

We listen

We welcome feedback on your experience with Flexigrant. The community connects us all. We take direct feedback into account wherever it can add value for other Flexigrant users.

Help develop your team’s skills and insights

Our learning resources are featured in the Flexigrant Community space as a repository covering a wide range of Flexigrant areas and features. The Community assists with keeping abreast of the grant making world and enabling your team to continue expanding their own insights and skills.

Joining the Flexigrant community

When your implementation of Flexigrant is finalised, you will receive an invitation to participate in the community. After that, it’s up to you when you use it, what resources you call upon, and whether or not you wish to ask questions, help with other users’ queries, access learning materials, or simply browse what’s new from time to time.

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