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Infographic: 5 Core Questions to Help You Assess Your Grant Management Processes.

Posted on Sat 28 March 2015
Written by Flexi-Grant

Written by Claire, Marketing Executive at Fluent Technology, research nerd, travel fanatic & coffee-based lifeform.

So you’ve made the decision as an organisation to upgrade your grant management system…but you need something that’s tailored to you. Your grant process is different from others, you have more review stages, your grants are larger, you only have a limited amount of resources in terms of finance and employees. Whatever the reason…you can’t get a new system until you assess where the current one is working for you and where it’s not.

The US body, the Grant Managers Network, talk about the five core questions you should ask your organisation before you even start choosing a grant management system. In their report “Assessing the How of Grant Making” (which we have summarised in the infographic above), they give a number of handy tips and questions to help you assess your current process as accurately as possible.


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