Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Posted on Tue 3 May 2016
Written by Flexi-Grant

Apparently imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.   The expression comes to mind as we have recently noticed a couple of our competitor websites have adopted a strikingly similar look to our Flexi-Grant® website.  We could complain but that seems like a waste of energy and perhaps even a little petulant.  Rather I feel we must be doing something right if others feel the need to “emulate” what we have been doing.   And I say emulate deliberately.

A number of years ago I was delivering an E-Business Masterclass and I made the point that it was best practice to constantly benchmark ourselves against what others were doing online and copy good ideas that we came across.  The solicitor I was delivering that particular section of the masterclass with stepped forward and, while smiling broadly, said that we should NEVER copy others’ online practices and material but we should emulate.  A point well made!  In the years since I have continually articulated the need to emulate best practice wherever we find it.

The more I reflect on the quality of grant management solutions available in the market today the more I want to encourage the sharing of ideas and best practice.    Flexi-Grant® is not perfect.  We strive to make it better every day and release new updates every month.   There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.  Feedback is always welcome and only by sharing ideas across the grant giving sector and across suppliers will we move the sector forward for all.   Whether you are a grant giver or work for a competitor or are just interested in how to make grant making easier for everyone we, Fluent, would welcome at any time the sharing of ideas.  We have nothing to fear from talking to one another and encouraging the development and sharing of best practice.  Try us.  We are at ease with visitors, the kettles is always on and a warm Belfast welcome awaits anyone who wants to talk grants and grants making.

Oh, and one final thought.  While others have emulated what we have been doing online the one thing that many seem fearful of doing is being open about pricing.  It’s the one thing that many of our prospective customers tell us frustrates them.  Let’s make it easier for all and be open about prices.  We have to tell prospective customers at some point.  Why not just say up front?

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