About us

Our Vision

To enable the most effective and efficient distribution of grant funding, to help make the biggest impact across society.

We believe that sustainable, continuous improvement for our customers’ operations comes only in part from our software. It comes more from our being there for you, in partnership, ready to talk about your concerns, your goals, day-to-day issues through to long-term aspirations.

Our Mission

To deliver premium software solutions to support the full grants management lifecycle for all grant-giving sectors in the UK and beyond, empowering our customers to tackle global challenges.

We work with and alongside you to explore goals for each step of the grant management process to discover where the priority concerns are for you and where the target areas of improvement may be.

Our Values


In partnership with our customers, we aim to help transform their grant management activities. By nurturing long-lasting partnerships, we help our customers to scale and grow in harmony with their strategic objectives.


Flexigrant has been designed to empower our customers so that they can self serve their future configuration needs once they have been trained at the end of the implementation phase without reliance on technical staff.


We say what we do and do as we say. We are committed to each other and our customers, developing mutually beneficial relationships, built on a bedrock of honesty, respect, dignity and humility.

The Flexigrant advantage

Over £4 billion in grants awarded annually with the support of Flexigrant

Flexigrant is used by over a 100 grant-giving organisations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia, and the U.S. — local authorities, charities, research foundations and communities. Among their number are some of the most widely-known organisations in the grant world; names such as:

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