Belfast | Full Time

Software Engineer


What are we looking for?

We are looking for people with the aptitude and interest to produce great code.

Some people can demonstrate that by what they have already accomplished in their career. Others are just getting started, but they are already exploring the technical underpinnings of the web.

Skills we are looking out for include:

The craft of building software

• What does it mean to practice SOLID coding?
• How can we encode business logic so that the intentions are clear?
• What is the best way to protect ourselves from regression errors?
• We work with a lot of Microsoft tech. but we are part of a much wider ecosystem.

The Web. The Internet. The Cloud.

• What does it mean to engineer a RESTful web site or API?
• What does the new world of mobile-first / isomorphic / universal / PWAs offer?
• How does “The Cloud” change the way we build applications?


• Something old – we have some old code (VB.NET WebForms ) but it’s ok because…
• Something new – C#, .net Core, MVC, React JS (woo hoo, we’re just getting started)
• Something borrowed – we ♥ open source
• Something blue – Azure actually! (but clouds all look the same after a while)


• Application and Solutions should build on well-known patterns. Go beyond CRUD!
• We are finding ways to meld modern deployment environments and legacy products
• How can we continuously deliver our applications out to UAT and beyond?
• Getting the best performance out of a large database
• What is the best way to model dynamic or loosely coupled data models?

We have already built a product that people love. Now we need to take our engineering to the next level.  Want to help us get there?


Download full job description here.