Tech Stuff.

Because details matter.

Security & Performance

Where is Flexi-Grant’s data hosted?

Flexi-Grant® has been designed as a cloud-based solution and is hosted on Microsoft Azure as a fully managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) by Microsoft in London, which means we can focus on building awesome software!

How secure and available is Flexi-Grant®?

Microsoft Azure provides Flexi-Grant® with between 99.95% and 99.995% up time rate with availability guaranteed. This highly resilient and scalable infrastructure is why we value hosting Flexi-Grant® in Microsoft Azure.

Full backups are performed daily and Fluent Technology themselves are accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO27001 standard.

How often and when do you update your software?

Our software gets new releases on a monthly basis. These releases can include anything from new features, revisions of existing features to bug releases, and this all comes as standard with every Flexi-Grant® system.

Our Ideas Portal, also gives our clients the power to shape the product. We don’t want to inconvenience our clients which is why all our updates happen either at the weekend or at night when as few people are on the system as possible. Our Engineering team monitor usage to pick the optimum time.

Support & Training

What support do you offer?

Flexi-Grant® comes with portal and email support as standard. Phone support can be purchased, however, we offer phone support for the entire duration of your implementation and for 3 months after (to make sure your whole team are up & running and happy).

Do you have a Knowledge Base?

Yes, we have an extensive Knowledge Base with quick, troubleshooting articles. We also offer a library of recorded Training Webinars to all clients where we cover new and existing features.

What training do you offer?

Our training can be tailored to your needs but our standard training involves a Flexi-Grant® consultant giving 2 or 3 members of your team, 2 x three hour workshops a week.


How long does a standard implementation take?

A standard Flexi-Grant® Implementation takes roughly about 3 months, however, we can have an application form and workflow set up in a couple of hours so let us know if you have a strict deadline. Where we really add value is going through your forms and workflow to make them as streamlined as possible!

What’s included in a standard implementation?

A standard implementation comes with training, support, 50GB of data storage, unlimited incoming bandwidth and 200GB outgoing bandwidth per month.

Data Migration

Can I migrate the data from my current grant management system into Flexi-Grant®?

Yes. We offer data migration services at an extra cost to a Flexi-Grant® Implementation. How much this service costs depends on the quality of your data and the volume. We have lots of experience with data migrations, so get in touch to chat more about this!

How much does data migration cost?

Each data migration is different, so before we can price any migration project, we’ll need to do some discovery work to understand what we’re dealing with. The cleaner your data is, the less time and money it takes! Get in touch to find out more.

How does Data Migration work?

We adopt a migration process that includes the following steps:

  1. We analyse your existing data in detail.
  2. The analysis enables us to determine how your existing data will map into Flexi-Grant®.
  3. All gaps in your data will be reviewed with you to determine what should happen in each case.
  4. We then undertake a test migration.
  5. Feedback on the test migration is gathered, reviewed and acted upon.
  6. Go Live – the live migration is then planned and executed.

What if I decide to leave Flexi-Grant®, can I take my data with me?

Yes. One of the key benefits of Flexi-Grant® is that everything you put into it can be exported out should you wish to leave us. We want you to be a happy client so, if you aren’t for any reason, we’ll even help you with the export so it’s as easy as possible!