Reviewer export (beta)

When we asked what report was most valuable to the grant managers we work with, reviewer/assessment reporting came out a clear winner with over 70% of votes. In response to this, we have developed an out-of-the-box report that contains what we feel is all the core information necessary to take to a committee meeting or make decisions based on review/assessment history.

This is currently located in the shortlisting tool, accessible via the Reviewer Export button. We’re extremely eager to hear from you and what would make it even better!

Development Approach

Our released report is part of an iterative approach to develop a useful report that is driven by the feedback of those that use it, rather than building out a feature rich report that may be over-engineered. This release is the foundation of what we want the reviewer export to become and as such we welcome feedback and suggestions of what you would like to see it include, or perhaps exclude.

Base Report Configuration

This version of the report includes the following information, where available:


Reference Scheme Primary Applicant Primary Applicant Organisation Value Sought Contributors All Organisations Review round / reviewer Conflict Declaration Review Criteria Score Total Score
Application reference Scheme name Primary applicant name Primary Applicant Organisation Value of money sought Any associated co-applicants or contributors Organisations of all people involved Review round / reviewer Any associated co-applicants or contributors Score / Remarks Final score by the reviewer Total / Average score provided by all reviews on this application. Note that the label says Total regardless of it being Total or Avg – we’ll address this in the next update



Multiple reviews

Reviews for a single application are all shown on a single row. Scroll right to view all the reviews for a single application.


Where a scheme has multiple rounds, selecting a specific round from the shortlisting tool will also include any review history of previous rounds. Selecting the first round for example, will not show the history.


Currently we do not support multiple schemes in a single review export. Should this be desirable, please arrange a chat with us.