Transparent Pricing.

Our Enhanced and Enterprise plans are where we really add value, but we also wanted to create a plan for those who are just looking for the essentials!

We price in two parts: a one-off implementation cost and your annual licence costs.


from £10,500

  • Central Dashboard
  • Built-in CRM
  • Template Management
  • Built-in Inbox
  • Intuitive Form Designer
  • Powerful Workflow Builder
  • Question Bank
  • Shortlisting Tool
  • Tailored Scoresheets
  • Query & Export Tool
  • Post-award Monitoring
  • Essential Payment Management
  • Basic Claims Management
  • Audit Management
  • Segregation of Duties
  • To-Do Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Email Support



from £16,500

  • Reviewer Portal
  • Reviewer Assignment Tool
  • Review Packs
  • Multiple Review Panels
  • Reviewer Documents
  • Board/Panel Papers
  • Collaborative Applications
  • Organisation Approval
  • Activity Management
  • Online Acceptance of Awards
  • Funding Management
  • Budget Tables & Advanced Budgeting
  • Payment Authorisation Levels
  • Diversity Monitoring


Request Quote

  • Finance Integration
  • ORCID Integration
  • Single Sign On API
  • Multi-currency
  • Custom Domain
  • Customised Reports
  • Phone Support

The listed features are only a sample of what’s available in Flexi-Grant®. Give us a call to find out more about what Flexi-Grant® can offer you! All prices are excluding VAT.

Our Licences.

Pay annually for the licences you need. Start small and add more if and when you need them.

Applicant Licence

This licence covers you for up to 5,000 applications per year and is priced at £1,500/licence.

Admin Licence

This licence covers your day-to-day administrators. Priced at £1,500/year for a concurrent Admin user.

Reviewer Licence

This licence covers your external reviewers. Priced at £1,500/year for 10 concurrent reviewers.


Still not sure on how we price? These FAQ’s should help. If not, get in touch!

Is there a limit to the amount of funds/grants I can create?

No. You can create as many grants/funds as you want! We don’t believe in penalising you for increasing the amount of help you’re giving out. It’s that simple.

Is there a limit to how many applications I can receive per year?

Every Flexi-Grant® system comes with 1 Applicant Licence (£1,500/year) which covers you for up to 5,000 applications a year.

What do you classify as a Reviewer?

The reviewer is usually a Board member or an external 3rd party who accesses the system solely to review applications.

Can you set me up with a Free Trial of Flexi-Grant®?

Yes. Get in touch and we will set you up with your own system. All we ask is that you have a quick chat on the phone with us so we can set up Flexi-Grant® based on your needs. The system is comprehensive so we like to start you off with the essentials.