Grant Management Software

Taking you beyond online applications.

Flexi-Grant® is so much more than an online application management system. Powerful reviewer and review management,
intuitive collaboration features, and a built-in email tool are only some of the ways it’s making the complex easier.

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Application Collaboration

Create a better application process with Flexi-Grant’s Collaboration Feature. Capture references, Head of Department sign-off, payment information and give the lead applicant the power to invite and remind co-applicants. 

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Reviewer Assignment Tool.

Flexi-Grant’s powerful Reviewer Assignment Tool enables your team to add entire Review Panels, check availability of individual reviewers, send reminder notifications and view reviewer stats like ‘Completed Reviews’ and ‘Response Rate’.

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Application Portal

Our modern Application Portal enables applicants to seamlessly start, stop and complete application & monitoring forms.

Central Dashboard

Flexi-Grant’s central dashboard provides you with quick visual access to how your grants are doing.

Reviewer Portal

Capture reviews from anywhere around the world with Flexi-Grant’s dedicated Reviewer Portal.

Bulk Eligibility

Do you have a high volume of applications? No problem. Process 100’s of applications at the same time using our bulk eligibility feature.

Custom Scoring & Eligibility

Create custom score sheets and set up as many eligibility checks as you need.

Form Designer & Workflow Builder

Design applications and workflow the way you want them. Use our copy and template tools to create new schemes quickly.

Shortlisting Tool

Our intuitive shortlisting tool lets you shortlist, reserve, move applications on to the next round, roll-back applications and prepare board/panel papers.


Flexi-Grant® comes with all the templates you need but also lets you create your own.

Question Bank

Our built in Question Bank is your very own library of question templates. Don’t waste time creating the same question over and over again across multiple schemes.


Flexi-Grant’s built-in CRM lets you set up to-do’s, manage contacts and gives you visability of past applications.

Roles & Responsibilities

Delegate access to authorised colleagues so you can control who sees what and where.

Tag Management

Powerful tag features enable administrators to tag both Applicants and Reviewers either automatically or manually.

Smart Inbox

Flexi-Grant’s powerful email tool lets administrators forward emails from Outlook or Gmail straight into their Flexi-Grant® Inbox. External emails to applicants can also be automatically attached to their Case File in Flexi-Grant®.

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Schedule Reporting Forms.

Create monitoring forms and schedule them individually to awardees or in bulk. You can also set up alerts so Flexi-Grant® reminds your applicants when they have to report back on their progress.

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Multiple Review Rounds & Panels

Run as many review rounds as you need with as much customisation as you require.

Organisation Approval

Set up organisation approval effortlessly so that Universities and Organisations can give approval with minimal effort.

Query & Export Tool

Create reports using any and every piece of data that’s in your Flexi-Grant® system with our powerful Query and Export tool.

Payment Authorisation Levels

Set up your scheme with advanced payment settings to give certain members of your team payment authorisation.

Review Packs

Create Review Packs and Board Papers effortlessly with our built-in tools.

Monitoring Forms

Use our intuitive Form Designer to set up customised monitoring forms.

Funding Sources

One scheme but multiple funders? No problem. Use the Funding Source feature to report on the commitment and expenditure of each.

Reviewer Discipline Matching

Match reviewers to applications based on their discipline/expertise automatically.

Diversity Monitoring

Managing research grants? Then insert our already created Diversity Monitoring question to capture key diversity information.

Budget Tables

Track and manage your budget using our powerful budget table feature. Capture payment information in periods, quarters or annually.

Audit Trail

Our secure audit trail features means everything from payment authorisation to application form changes are tracked in Flexi-Grant®.

Return to Applicant

Flexi-Grant’s Return to Applicant feature lets applicants make amendments without asking them to start over!