transform your grant management practices.

Stand out features from a stand out product.

Smart Dashboards

Check the status of your grants and awards in real time and use smart permissions so users only see what they need to see.

Flexible Workflow

Design the workflow that suits you and reflects best practice. Don’t need a workflow stage? Just switch it off!

Simple Form Builder

Build anything from simple reporting forms to detailed application forms including sophisticated calculations.

Customisable Reports

Create data queries and exports with the precise information you need. Share them with colleagues or just keep them for yourself.

Free Updates & Upgrades

Benefit from regular monthly updates at no additional cost! Ideas for improvements? If others agree see them become new features.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Drowning in admin tasks? Use bulk actions to send emails or update multiple records simultaneously.

Key Features.

From applicants to your grant administrators and staff,  your reviewers, trustees and board members, Flexi-Grant® has been designed to offer a clean, crisp and intuitive user interface allowing anyone to adopt and use the system with minimal instruction and training.  A low entry cost and low ongoing fees disguise the feature rich and highly functional experience that is Flexi-Grant®.  Don’t believe us?  Ask for a demo and a trial site and see how quickly and easily you can be using the most modern grant management software available.

1. Personalise Your System.

Everything you see on Flexi-Grant® from the text on a page, the labels on menus, the URL to the logo can all be changed by you! Flexi-Grant® can adopt your language so you are not forced to use unfamiliar terminology.

Flexi-Perk™: Would you like applicants to move seamlessly from Flexi-Grant® to your website without being distracted by different interfaces? We can apply your branding to Flexi-Grant® so that it mirrors the look and feel of your website.


2. Build Applications Efficiently.

Create applications from scratch or simply copy and amend a previous application with minimal effort.  Pick from an extensive list of question styles, fonts and colours, define which questions are mandatory and add logic so that your forms save both you and applicants time.

Flexi-Perk™: Smart application and reporting forms reduce the number of incomplete and invalid forms you will receive whilst dramatically increasing their quality.

Form-Builder/Design image


3. Simplify Your Workflow.

Create a smart, easy to manage workflow built on and reflecting best practice in grant management.   Ensure your approach includes suitable checks and balances and supports segregation of duties so you have complete control of your grants.

Flexi-Perk™: Set to-do’s and record comments beside applications so deadlines are never missed and work is never duplicated.

Fund-Type-Settings/Design image


1. Automate and Streamline Key Tasks.

Build your eligibility checks into your forms and ensure applicants cannot submit ineligible applications.  Automate acknowledgements and keep applicants informed of progress as their applications are assessed.  Leaves you free to focus on where you can add the most value.

Flexi-Perk™: No need to check every application for eligibility and then respond separately to each and every one!


2. Sophisticated Permission Management.

Delegate access to authorised colleagues so you can control who sees what and where.  Manage permissions so only authorised staff can use specific functions (and everything’s tracked so you have an instant audit trail!).

Flexi-Perk™: Impersonate applicants if you need to fast-track their application or assist them with the process.

Manage-Role-Groups/Manage-&-Receive image


3. Effortlessly Manage Everything from a Centralised Dashboard.

A central dashboard provides you with quick visual access to how your grants are doing. See how many applicants are at each stage of the workflow and get an instant summary of awarded grants vs budget.

Flexi-Perk™: Get a bird’s-eye view of all applications on the one screen…no more maintaining separate complex spreadsheets.


1. Multiple review rounds.

Create multiple review rounds for reviewing and assessing your grant applications. Each round can have separate review forms, reviewer pools, and other settings relevant to reviewing

Flexi-Perk™: Run as many review rounds as you need with as much customisation as you need. This functionality doesn’t always have to be used for multiple reviews…can you think of other ways your organisation can use the functionality to streamline their grant making?


2. Assign panel members & create reviewer packs effortlessly.

Prepare for your review stage efficiently, tag reviewers’ specialisms and match to applications, notify reviewers and monitor their progress, manage panel and committee meetings and record recommendations and decisions.

Flexi-Perk™: Save time by assigning scorers in bulk and use standardisation techniques to validate the spread and confidence in your reviewer scores.

Flexi-Grant's® Assign Reviewers Tool


3. Reviewer Dashboard.

Reviewers have online access to assigned applications so they can score, record comments and save their progress without formally submitting and committing their review until they’re ready. You choose how much detail reviewers can see…it’s all in your control!!

Flexi-Perk™: Tools to generate reviewer document packs means shortlisted applications can be printed for those reviewers who prefer to have paper in their hands!

reviewer screenshot


4. Record Final Decisions and Shortlist applications.

View all scored applications and record the final agreed score and grant recommendations before generating decision emails to all applicants.  Filter the shortlist to see what was agreed and when and to view your financial commitment.

Flexi-Perk™: Standardise application scores and reviewer confidence scores to validate your decision making.

Flexi-Grant's® Shortlisting Tool


1. Approve and reject applications seamlessly.

Record the final approval or rejection of applications.  Support delegated authority limits, if required, so only those staff authorised to approve awards are signing off on these.

Flexi-Perk™: Set award conditions so that payments can only be authorised when they have been completed.

Awaiting offer screenshot


2. Automate Award
(or rejection) Correspondence.

Generate and send letters/emails straight from Flexi-Grant® with our smart mail merge tools & stay organised with the bulk email tool.  Send out details of the final decision when you are ready and let all applicants know simultaneously.

Flexi-Perk™: Manage document templates and merge all relevant information from Flexi-Grant® records automatically.

Sample Letter of Offer


3. Manage the Grant Award and Contract.

Record when you send applicants letters of offer/grant awards and when they return them.  Manage the contract acceptance so that payments are only made after the contract has been accepted and contract conditions have been recorded as met.

Flexi-Perk™: With options for recording awardee reporting requirements, award conditions, anticipated payment profiles and related notes and documents, you can ensure everything is in place before generating a draft contract.

offer screenshot 2


1. Manage multiple funding sources/donors in the one scheme.

One scheme but multiple funders? No problem. With Flexi-Grant® you can set up and manage each source of funding and report on the commitment and expenditure for each.

Flexi-Perk™: No need to input data into spreadsheets to keep track of your budgets and funding sources…with Flexi-Grant® you can generate a statement of activity for each funding source.


2. Simplify Your Payment Processes.

Allow authorised users to release payments once related conditions and reporting requirements have been met.  Allow changes to future payment schedules, if permitted for your grants, and ensure a full audit trail of approvals or changes.

Flexi-Perk™: Create, edit and schedule future payments and link them to funding sources, as required, to ensure you can trace an individual payment back to these.

Offer screenshot


3. Manage payments your way.

You set the flow your financial process takes…link conditions to payments, manage multiple payments per award, organise batch payments and transfer to your finance system.  Set up reports to monitor commitment and expenditure.

Flexi-Perk™: Release payments individually or in bulk.  You define the approval authority for each member of staff.  Need to allow different users to have different permissions for different grants? No problem. With Flexi-Grant® you can set different user permissions across each grant scheme.

Finance & Payments screenshot


1. Measure your impact.

Create monitoring forms and set up alerts so Flexi-Grant® reminds your applicants when they have to report back on their progress. Want to make sure everything has been checked off before you close off a grant? Set up validation so grants can’t be concluded until all outstanding reports and payments are completed.

Flexi-Perk™: If you are not happy with what an awardee has submitted then you can return the form to them and request more information.  Payments can be put on hold if needed.

Applicants view of Flexi-Grant


2. Smart monitoring and progress tools.

Set up automated email reminders so applicants know when their report is due and Consolidate individual reporting returns from Awardees to measure the impact your grant scheme is having.

Flexi-Perk™: No more late nights trying to create lengthy reports for Board and trustees…Flexi-Grant® makes it easy for you to access all the information you need to measure your fund’s success and when you turn on our ‘pre-population’ feature it means no more duplicating info.

monitoring screenshot


3. Customised reports.

Create reports using any and every piece of data that’s in your Flexi-Grant® system with our powerful query and export tools.

Flexi-Perk™: Whether it’s a top level strategic report or a detailed summary, our robust export tools let you quickly and easily construct reports out of the most complex data.

Export Tool screenshot