When you can’t have fried chicken…

Posted on Thu 23 July 2015
Written by Flexi-Grant

Written by Keith, MD of Fluent Technology, grant management guru, process engineer, frequent flyer, father of 3, ufology geek and keen cook.

Some days you just feel the need for something tasty.  OK, to be specific, some days I feel the need for something tasty.  Today I felt like fried chicken.  I tried to tempt a colleague to join me in a quick trip to a local purveyor of fine fried chicken but he declined.  You just can’t get support when you need it!  I will not name and shame my colleague who let me down in my hour of need but hopefully Bob will do better next time.

Let’s face it I didn’t really need fried chicken.  I just felt like it but I really didn’t have the time to pop out for some and more importantly, between you and me, my waistline certainly didn’t need the extra assault.  It wasn’t practical but I’m sure we would all agree that sometimes ‘wants’ are just as important as ‘needs’.  For me, particularly where food is concerned!

When we engage with customers we can often spend a lot of time discussing their grant management requirements and how these translate into the delivering of their system.   In these discussions we often come across a number of ‘fried chicken’ moments.  A customer will say they want something and when the requirement is explored in a bit more detail it is clear to us all that it is more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’.  I didn’t really need fried chicken, I just felt like it.  You don’t really need that widget, you would just like it as part of your solution.  You might well think that we would do our utmost to dissuade you, but as a supplier we like to think we are good at listening and if it is really important to you then we do our best to help you get a few things you ‘want’ rather than just ‘need’.  Requirements are never black and white and often include non-essential items.  Just because it isn’t critical to the success of your system doesn’t mean that isn’t important to you.  If you are talking to us about Flexi-Grant® then please do help us understand the requirements which might seem to be non-essential but which you would love to have.  Unlike Bob today, we do appreciate that sometimes you just need ‘fried chicken’.



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