NEW / Setting up Reviews just got Easier!

Posted on Mon 28 November 2016
Written by Flexi-Grant

We’re building Flexi-Grant® to be a product everyone can use with ease, no matter what role you’re in! So when it came to our latest release (November 2016), we focused on the Reviewer journey. We introduced new features and layouts that will not only help Reviewers review applications more easily but will make the setup of reviews as simple as possible!

Setting up reviews just got easier!

Administrators have been able to set up reviews for some time in Flexi-Grant® but now you can send out reminders to reviewers individually or in bulk, view stats on how many reviews each of your reviewers has in progress, how many new reviews you have allocated to each reviewer and the response rate for each Reviewer’s entire life cycle. Check out the video here.

Reviewer Assignment Tool

All your Review Panels in the one place…

The newly designed Review Panel section in the Admin section of Flexi-Grant® means that you can now set up multiple re-usable panels which you can assign to grant schemes and/or review rounds.  Give your Review Panel a meeting date, assign a Chair/Deputy Chair, deactivate or delete a Review Panel once you’re finished with it and add Panel Members in bulk. Check out the video here.


Here is an example of how you would use the Review Panels tool:

  • Set up an Internal Review Panel and an External Review Panel. Assign the Internal Review Panel to your first review round so that you can do the initial shortlisting then the successful applicants who make it through Round 1 can go to Round 2 where you will use your External Review Panel.

The new Review Panel tool provides a simple and intuitive way for any administrator to set up as many panels as you need!

Upload Documents for your Reviewers.

We recognised that you need to provide your Reviewers with supplementary documents or notes to help them review as efficiently as possible which is why we added a Reviewer Documents section to all Reviewer Dashboards. Now documents and notes can be added against Review Rounds so that detailed reviewer instructions, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, panel and board papers and any other relevant information can be stored and shared with other panel members, enabling a smoother transition through the review process.


More to come!

We’re very excited by all our latest Reviewer journey updates and we have lots more fantastic developments planned! Big plans are afoot next year to further improve Flexi-Grant® both functionally and design wise …. and we can’t wait to show you it all in 2017!

From the Flexi-Grant® Team!

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