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Posted on Tue 14 March 2017
Written by Flexi-Grant

The end of March 2017 will see the official launch of our brand new feature, the Question Bank. It’s available to all our clients on all Flexi-Grant® packages and we might be biased, but we think it’s one of the best features we’ve added. Why? Because you told us you wanted it!

What is the Question Bank?

The Question Bank is exactly what it says on the tin; a bank that you add questions to so they can be used time and time again. Back in 2016 we spoke with our clients and, although Flexi-Grant® allowed you to copy from an existing grant scheme (including its application form), common pain points that kept cropping up were:

  • Inconsistent language between applications
  • Inconsistent question names that slowed down reporting
  • Having to create questions twice for a two-stage application

Even though it was best practice to copy from an existing grant scheme, administrators were still making changes to the copied form, meaning that questions between forms were worded differently or had different names even though they were basically the same question. The result, building forms could be really time consuming!  So, we set about to fix it.

Question Bank

To explain a bit further as to why the Question Bank was created, lets first present the two scenarios/pain points we were trying to resolve.

Scenario No. 1: Two-Stage Grant Scheme with similar Application Forms

You have a two-stage application form but you have an overlap in questions between the two forms. You currently have to create all questions from scratch for both application forms, making sure question names and options are exactly the same.

How the Question Bank helps resolves it…

No more duplication of work! The new feature means you only have to create the questions once then simply use the Insert Question Type functionality in the Form Designer to add it to a form.

Scenario No. 2: Inconsistent Language and Question Labels between Application Forms

You have a grant team consisting of multiple people who all have their own grant scheme/application form to create or contribute to. You each design your application forms then discover that the language and question labels you have used, differs from that of your colleagues.

How the Question Bank helps resolves this…

The Question bank now acts as a gate keeper to keep labels and names consistent across all application forms. It also means that when it comes to building reports using the Query and Export tool, finding question labels in ‘Form Data’ is quick and easy – you no longer have to hunt down every possible question name that your team may have used to ask the same question.

Want to learn more?

To help you get started with this new feature, we’re holding a Training Webinar for all clients on Thursday 30th March 11:00 – 11.30am.

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