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Posted on Wed 26 April 2017
Written by Flexi-Grant

Application Collaboration is here! Flexi-Grant’s latest feature now enables applicants, co-applicants and external participants to collaborate towards the shared goal of application completion.

What is Application Collaboration?

Application Collaboration is a new feature added to enable multiple people to work on an application at the same time. The new feature now lets applicants invite co-applicants or set up specific users (e.g. Referees, Head of Departments etc.) to help complete application forms. Application Collaboration was made with ‘flexibility’ in mind!

It gives you full control over how many co-applicants can be invited, what pages on the application they are allowed to complete/read, whether they have to register or are given Guest Access and whether co-applicants have to give sign off before the full application can be submitted.

To explain a bit further as to why we introduced Application Collaboration, here are two scenarios/pain points we were trying to resolve.

Scenario No. 1: Two people are required to complete an application.

Grant Administrator – You have configured your grant, designed your application form and made your grant live, but, you require one individual to complete the personal details, eligibility and project details part of the application form and a finance officer to complete the finance information.

How does Application Collaboration resolve this?

Configure your grant so that your co-applicant completes the finance questions and your lead applicant completes the rest. Give your co-applicant guest access if you want and disable them from submitting the application until they have provided this information. Simple!

N.B – you can have as many co-applicants/external participants as you need!

Scenario No. 2: A scheme requires Head of Department to sign off before or after your form submission.

Applicant – You are working in a research department of an organisation applying for a grant and your application form requires your Head of Department to sign off which can be done after the application form has been submitted. The only problem? Your Head of Department is very rarely in their office and is hard to pin down for a meeting.

How does Application Collaboration resolve this?

With Flexi-Grant® forms you can ‘Invite’ your Head of Department to sign off on your application, click the ‘Remind’ button to remind them as many times as you need and the system will send the invitation straight to their mailbox. There is also a setting you can check to enable the sign-off to be done after the application form has been submitted.

Want to learn more?

To help you get started with this new feature, we’re holding a Webinar on Thursday 15th June 2017 11:00 – 11.30am

If you’re a current Flexi-Grant® client, we’re holding a Training Webinar on Thursday 11th May 2017 11.00 – 11.30am to show you how to set up and manage Application Collaboration. Register here.

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