Evolving our platform

Posted on Mon 25 February 2019
Written by Flexi-Grant

Here at Fluent, we are unapologetically customer-centric.

Our clients undertake vital work to improve our society, and we are privileged to be a part of their endeavours.

As a trusted technology partner, one of our key responsibilities is to stay abreast of the technology that underpins the grant management industry, and to ensure that our software remains future-proof and adaptable. We invest considerable efforts in research into industry trends and best practice, so that our clients can be confident in the future of their systems.

Over the past ten years, cloud technologies have become a major disruptor in the industry – although arguably an evolution of existing internet technologies (as opposed to a revolution), the emergence of cloud technologies from providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft has changed the way we do business.

Indeed, technical innovators have already assumed the mainstream adoption of cloud platforms, and have moved on to further innovations, such as edge computing, and online AI and cognitive services.

As technological evolution continues at breakneck speed, we focus on the task of responsible change. One practical way we do this is by incorporating newer technologies into specific modules of our product. For example, we’re currently working on a significant upgrade to our reviewer experience which leverages some of the newer UI and cloud technologies (React.js and Microsoft Azure respectively).

Balancing the business-as-usual and future-proofing needs of our clients is a fine art, and something we think about all the time.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? What rules of thumb have you found useful when balancing creative tensions like this one?