Effective communication – talking to a market of one

Posted on Fri 29 March 2019
Written by Flexi-Grant

Words are the most powerful instrument we have in our armoury.  With a single word we can change a life and a career.  A word at the right time can inspire to greatness. A word ill-considered can demotivate and deflate.

As managing director of a (hopefully!) growing business I am constantly mindful of the impact my words can have.  I try, emphasis on the word try, to consider what I am saying and how it is interpreted.

Some think I am too considered and that I should be more direct and forceful – while others think I am too direct and forceful which reminds me that when we communicate that messages need to be shaped for a market of one.

I understand why politicians speak in the abstract (Google the Milton model if you want to understand this more) as a vague message is often interpreted by the listener how they choose to hear it.  But this doesn’t work when you are trying to bring about a positive change and need others to commit and work with you.

Whether we like to acknowledge it or not if we want to bring about REAL, LASTING change we need to spend as much time talking about what we are trying to achieve as we spend on the actual heavy lifting and this means one to one time with those affected and involved.

Group talks are fine but each person needs to hear the ‘why’ of the project on their terms.  Time spent making sure the ‘why’ is understood pays dividends.  And with that I‘m away to check my diary to ensure I have enough talking time scheduled…