16 Key Dates in 2020 to Help Your Team Celebrate the Good in the World!

Posted on Tue 4 February 2020
Written by Alan Finlay

If like our clients your January has been busy with new grant rounds and making sure you’re re-aligned for 2020 then it might be a good time to step back and remember why you do this. We’ve done this this January. We asked ourselves why we do this and here is our answer…

We want to leave the world in a better place. We want to help people, help people!

What can you do in the office to celebrate these key 2020 dates? Offer your social media followers’ free tickets to a STEM events, bake for your team-mates, organise a ‘volunteering day’ or arrange for your team to all go give blood. What ever it is, big of small…here are some key dates to put in the 2020 calendar to remind us why we do what we do (remember you don’t have to do them all, start with a few):

February 11th | International Day of Women & Girls in Science

February 17th | Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 25th | World Pancake Day

Here at Fluent we take every excuse to eat!

March 5th | World Book Day

Why not take an hour out of your day to meet as a group and talk about your favourite book or start a work ‘book club’ where you can all benefit from learning something new.

March 8th | International Women’s Day

March 18th | Global Recycling Day

We suggest using this day to think about how your company recycles. Dig a little deeper…what percentage of your rubbish is being recycled and what’s going to landfill? Is there any way you can reduce the amount going to landfill? Can you reduce the amount of flights your company takes or bring in a new Environmental policy to reduce your carbon emissions?

March 20th | International Day of Happiness

April 22nd | World Earth Day

May 4th | Star Wars Day

May 28th | World Hunger Day

June 14th | Giving Blood Day

Check out the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service for key dates in Northern Ireland: or book through the Give Blood website for a UK appointment:

August 1st | Pride Day 

Our local Belfast Pride Day is August 1st but check out key dates for your area here:

September 22nd | World Car Free Day

October 4th | World Animal Day

October 13th | World Kindness Day

Maybe a bit close to February 17th’s ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ date but pick one or the other and encourage your colleagues to pledge 1 act of kindness during work – you’d be surprised how encouraging a small act of kindness can evolve into a long-term habit.

December 3rd | Giving Tuesday

These are only a few key dates for 2020, if World Cat Day or World Talk like a Pirate Day (yes that really exists!) are more fitting for your brand then Google is your oyster. Fluent’s 2020 mission is to make sure we stay focused on the reason we created Flexi-Grant® in the first place – to help people, help people. 2020 for us is all about giving back, kindness and taking care of our environment as best we can!

Love the Fluent team x